Jacksonville University, Location of BC Men's 2016 Spring Training Trip

Jacksonville University, Location of BC Men's 2016 Spring Training Trip

Hello Parents of the Boston College Men’s Crew Team:

We hope this note finds you all happy and healthy!

As you know, the team operates with limited funding. As a result, they are responsible for raising funds to defray the cost of equipment, travel and other operating expenses for this very expensive sport. The team has benefitted greatly from the generosity of alumni and friends over the years. In particular, funds raised and donated by The Chestnut Hill Rowing Association (CHillRA) have been instrumental in funding stipends for the Men’s Crew Coaching Staff.

Another way for parents to support the team is through a monetary gift to Boston College, with the proceeds specifically earmarked for the B.C. Men’s Crew Team. These types of gifts have a direct positive impact on the young men and women on the team, and you will get credit for any such contribution as a gift to Boston College pursuant to their giving programs. The contributions that are made in this manner will be used mainly for equipment purchases, such as boats, oars and ergometers (rowing machines), the team's spring training trip, and overall program development. To give you a sense for the cost of this equipment, an eight man boat costs $30,000-$35,000, a four man boat costs $20,000, a set of eight oars costs $3,000, and each rowing machine costs $850. In order to maintain a competitive edge in rowing, this equipment should be turned over approximately every five years.

Any parent interested in making such a gift to Boston College Men's Rowing should please click our "Make A Gift" link above.

We thank you in advance for all of your support and look forward to seeing you on the racecourse.

Warm regards,

BC Men's Rowing Parents Association