Welcome, Class of 2022!


Welcome to your freshman year at Boston College. Now that you are selecting classes and packing, it is time to consider one of the most exciting parts of your college experience: college athletics. After Calc discussion, Bio lab, or an hour and twenty minute History lecture, there is nothing better than going out with your eight closest friends for a row on the Charles River.

What if I've never rowed before?

Nothing to worry about. About half of our freshman rowers have previous experience; the rest come from a variety of sports. We will teach you all you need to know to become an elite rower.

What if I have rowing experience?

Awesome! Our team will help you continue rowing at a high level at a university and city with strong educational and cultural opportunities.  Experienced rowers are essential to the team for their abilities, as they provide a familiarity and understanding to the walk-on rowers. Our experienced rowers hail from Boston College High School, St. Albans, Saint Johns, Chaminade High School, Saint Paul’s School, and Pittsford Crew, among others.

How competitive is the team?

The Men's Crew Team is one of the most competitive teams at BC. The Varsity and Second Varsity Eights consistently finish at or near the top at the ACRA National Championships, and have even competed internationally. In short, the team's successes have multiplied in recent years and there are only more to come. 

I’m interested in being a coxswain, is there a spot for me?

Yes, we are always looking for coxswains. Coxswains are an integral part of the team as they act as a coach in the boat, responsible for keeping the rowers focused and in-time. A good coxswain can push a crew those extra few inches needed to edge the other top crews.

Where do I learn more about it?

Morning practices will be held out of the Harry Parker Boathouse (aka Community Rowing Inc.) Locations, dates, and times will be announced as classes start. Fill out a Prospective Rower Form, check this page, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates about the upcoming season.