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Sean Fanning 4x Places 2nd at U-23 Trials

Today at Mercer Lake, Sean Fanning stroked the Vesper Boat Club LM 4x to a quick 6:12 despite another member of the boat catching a crab. Though a disappointing result for the boat, the boat hopes to claim redemption at the Independence Day Regatta and Club Nationals. Congratulations Sean!


Hey all, 

So I realized I never really sent out an update after U23 trials. Now that I am somewhat fat again, sober but still pretty disappointed I can say that it was a good experience but I won't bore you with too many details.  We were in a good position through the 1000m mark when our 2-man caught an over the head boat stopping crab.  It was pretty heartbreaking as weeks of hard work slipped away in an instant.
Over the past week we have been seat racing for a lightweight 8 between the guys who were in my quad, and a bunch of the elite Vesper members who are all training for or have been on a World Championship/Olympic team.  We will race at Senior National Team Trials for Non-Olympic Boat Classes this coming Wednesday.  During the Olympic year World Rowing holds a World Championship still for all of the boats that do not have a class at the Olympics (all the men's lightweight events except the 2x and the 4-, some heavyweight and a bunch of women's events).  I won a final seat race this morning and will be sitting bow seat at trials.  We have been moving real fast and I am just holding on for dear life back in the bow while some of the horses we have do their thing.
Keep working hard even as training seems to get more and more monotonous - it will pay off in a huge way come the fall.  
Look forward to seeing everyone in September,



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Sean Fanning Boating Update

Hey all,

I figured I would update you all again. After a really tough selection process over the course of three days I was selected to our quad, which is the priority boat for U23 trials. I am currently stroking and I think we are really coming into form. In the quad with me are guys from Princeton, Delaware and a guy who just graduated from UPitt. From what I am told our biggest competition is Malta, which oddly enough is right next to us on Boathouse Row. Trials are the 25th-27th in Princeton. As of now there are only two other boats entered which means we will have a time trial for lanes followed by a final the next day to determine the crew that goes to the World Championships.

It is really interesting training right now as we have no idea how fast the other crews will be and no other boats to pace with, however, the dream of competing for the US at a World Championship is so intense that I can't wait to wake up for practice every morning (sort of...).

One thing I have had impressed upon me so far this summer is that training and racing hurt, but they hurt everyone. The more and the longer you can make it hurt the better. Make it hurt more than your competition and you will most likely come out on top.

I will let you all know how trials go, hopefully I will have some good news to share in the coming weeks.


Sean Fanning to Row at Vesper Boat Club

Hey guys,

Some of you have been asking me so I figured I would send out an e-mail update every couple of weeks about what I am doing with rowing this summer.  For those of you who don't know I am rowing at Vesper down in Philadelphia.  I'm with Vesper's U23 Lightweight program and our goal is to qualify 1 or more boats to the U23 World Championships in Lithuania.

We had our second and third practices this morning and fourth this afternoon, the first being a 2k test followed by a meeting and the second was about an hour of drill-work and steady state.  I didn't do great but I didn't to terribly on the erg test.  I hadn't touched an erg for more than 5 minutes since before NEnglands so I psyched myself out  little. Only 1 guy pr'd and everyone else was pretty far off their pr, I think we were all in the same boat in regards to time spent on the erg. Also coming off of a taper never helps.  I went 6:39 so I was about 8 seconds off of my best which was significantly less off than most of the other guys which was somewhat encouraging. I also wasn't the slowest guy which is never a bad thing. The steady state was done completely on the square so it goes without saying it was miserable. This afternoon was more of the same - about 12k on the square in a 2X.

We have three practices a day straight through until the U23 trials at the end of June - if we win we go to Worlds.  The priority boat is a quad and over the next couple of days we are doing seat-race pieces using a matrix.  It is essentially a 5x5min workout in 4 different 2Xs, switching the lineups after every piece.

I'l let you guys all know how selection goes, feel free to text me whenever if you want because I will be extremely bored all day when I'm not rowing or working.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the summer,