Hey guys,

Some of you have been asking me so I figured I would send out an e-mail update every couple of weeks about what I am doing with rowing this summer.  For those of you who don't know I am rowing at Vesper down in Philadelphia.  I'm with Vesper's U23 Lightweight program and our goal is to qualify 1 or more boats to the U23 World Championships in Lithuania.

We had our second and third practices this morning and fourth this afternoon, the first being a 2k test followed by a meeting and the second was about an hour of drill-work and steady state.  I didn't do great but I didn't to terribly on the erg test.  I hadn't touched an erg for more than 5 minutes since before NEnglands so I psyched myself out  little. Only 1 guy pr'd and everyone else was pretty far off their pr, I think we were all in the same boat in regards to time spent on the erg. Also coming off of a taper never helps.  I went 6:39 so I was about 8 seconds off of my best which was significantly less off than most of the other guys which was somewhat encouraging. I also wasn't the slowest guy which is never a bad thing. The steady state was done completely on the square so it goes without saying it was miserable. This afternoon was more of the same - about 12k on the square in a 2X.

We have three practices a day straight through until the U23 trials at the end of June - if we win we go to Worlds.  The priority boat is a quad and over the next couple of days we are doing seat-race pieces using a matrix.  It is essentially a 5x5min workout in 4 different 2Xs, switching the lineups after every piece.

I'l let you guys all know how selection goes, feel free to text me whenever if you want because I will be extremely bored all day when I'm not rowing or working.

Hope everyone is having a good start to the summer,